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Trong khong nng NaOH 13,5 M, nng cng tng th t ha cng gim. Kho st mu cht lng t Kho st cu trc ht trong cht lng t nh ph cc i l trng khp vi nh ph ca cc mu ht. Lp ph: Axit Oleic. Cc ht sau khi ph c kch thc t 25 30 nm. T l gia ht, dung mi v cht ph thch hp m bo yu cu ca cht lng t. Dng ht nano t v cht lng t CoFe2O4 kh nhng kim loi nng trong nc b nhim bn.

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Kim loi nng: Kim loi c nguyn t lng cao. Ch:au bng, tiu chy, n khng ngon ming, bun nn v co c. Km: kh chu, nn, m hi lnh, mch p kh. Nhim Asen mn tnh: tc hi n chc nng ca nhiu c quan nh thn kinh, tim mch, tiu ha, sinh sn, nghim trng hn l ung th bng quang, gan , thn, rut, lm ri lon gen. Qui trnh x l mu nc thc t b nhim st 0, g ht CoFe2O4 20 ml nc ct 1 ml Tris buffer 8.

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S dng cc ht CoFe2O4 kh cc kim loi nng trong nc b nhim bn s c hiu sut rt cao nhng chi ph x l thp. Cc ht nano t CoFe2O4 ny chiu x bng ngun bc x gamma t thit b SvST-Co60 quan st thy thay i v mt s tnh cht t ca vt liu, v t ha bo ha, t d v lc khng t. Thi gian khuy. T trng lng. Thi gian lng. Dng ht nano t v cht lng t CoFe2O4 x l nc nhim kim loi nng ngoi thc t. Dng cht lng t ny kho st cu trc men t ca vt liu. Nghin cu ng dng vo lnh vc y sinh hc. HCM thng 11 nm Kt qu ny l mt phn ca bi bo Researching of absorbability of As and heavy metal of magnetic nano particles coated with Oleic and Chitosan.

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However, as railway tracks already exist connecting these routes, the extra work needed — doubling the lines, electrification where needed and additional platforms — is minimal and would take less time to implement. Ho Chi Minh City, 14 April — It has been more than a year since the biofuel E5 — which is a mixture of traditional fuel with biological additive used to increate octane, improve vehicle emissions, and lessen the dependence on fossil fuel — was first introduced for mass sale in Vietnam. After the initial enthusiasm and some minimal successes, E5 sale is dying out. Is there any way for this potential green product to avoid a seemingly possible premature death?

Vietnam is ranked second globally for its average motorbike ownership, with motorbikes for every 1, Vietnamese. In coping with the enormous domestic fuel demands, Vietnam has become the fastest growing fuel consumer in the region, surpassing China. Vietnam is expected to turn from a fuel exporter to a fuel importer, as its own oil reserves are depleting. In addition to that, the air pollution in big cities, such as Hanoi and HCMC during rush hours, has exceeded the threshold by five to seven times , which is due mostly to vehicle emissions.


This ethanol is produced mostly from plant materials like corn and cassava, thus the name biofuel. E5 is the first step the government has made in trying to avoid its heavy fossil fuel importer destiny and moving toward a more sustainable future. But all has not gone as planned. The majority of fuel consumers in Vietnam have been reluctant to switch to E5, with the reason seemingly being uneffective public communication.

In fact, E5 offers a range of benefits for motorbike and car users, including better engine performance and maintenance. Nonetheless, there have been no official statistics published on the impacts of E5 for specific models of vehicles, and most governmental communication focused just on simply introducing the product. With the absence of clear public communication, after a pilot year, E5 remains a myth to consumers.

In , there were only in 13, gas stations all over the country that offered E5, and this biofuel only accounted for The murky situation of E5, however, should not be seen as a certain sad ending, but as an opportunity for improvement. The first area to improve, clearly, is public communication and awareness. Well-designed infographic banners should replace the existing unspecified slogans, which tell people to use E5 because it would be good for the environment.

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Consumers need to be assured that the ethanol is pure, the E5 supply is stable, and their specific vehicle models are benefitting from the biofuel before they make their decision to change. Lastly, a more structured and equal treatment of petrol retailers across the country is needed. While some pioneering petrol retailers had to make huge initial investment for E5 tanks and pumps with no significant subsidies, many private retailers still remain bystanders. Without either a substantial decrease in price or mass availability of E5, consumers still hesitate to change, and the pioneering retailers, unfairly, have had to suffer.

The current case of E5 in Vietnam could show us that for a green initiative to succeed, not only an effective product and governmental support are needed, but also a well-designed operation plan with effective communication. Johannesburg, 13 April — The Transit Oriented Development strategy of the City of Johannesburg is producing a series of interventions intended to ease vehicular traffic and increase pedestrian safety, particularly along the BRT transit lines known as the 'Corridors of Freedom'.

A new pedestrian bridge or 'skywalk' is currently planned over one of the urban Corridors, the 'Empire-Perth Corridor', over the prominent intersection between the University of Johannesburg campus and a shopping mall. However, even where intentions are genuine, the bridge proposal also underlines many of the challenges in reshaping transportation for more pedestrian friendly, transit-oriented and cities.

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Another step in the implementation of its long-declared Transit Oriented Development TOD strategy, the City of Johannesburg is promoting a series of interventions to ease traffic and increase pedestrian safety, particularly along the BRT transit lines known as the 'Corridors of Freedom' constituting the backbone of the TOD strategy.

But however well-intentioned, it is still necessary to interrogate the quality of these interventions , to ensure they accomplish what they were intended to achieve and do not perpetuate problematic models. Its long, non-descript ramps afford little consideration for pedestrian behavioural patterns, which currently exist along sidewalks which are undersized, in disrepair, or in many cases non-existent. The devotion of extensive resources to a flyover bridge instead thus seems somewhat misdirected.

Improved pedestrianaccess to an existing bridge just m down the road could yet save significant resourceswhile improving the pedestrian experience in the area as a whole. Moreover, minibus taxis, which stop at the corner, do not seem to have been included in the design in any significant way either, so promising to further rather than ameliorate congestion.

Another concern is the further erosion of public space. Although billed as a pedestrian-friendly intervention, the conception of a flyover bridge to solve vehicle-pedestrian conflicts inherently favours the car: missing the important distinction between an urban boulevard and a highway, conceiving of the space on the ground as sacred for cars, and making it the role of pedestrians and cyclists to get out of their way.

The project also proposes to install fencing along stretches of sidewalk nearby, a way of militarizing the street ostensibly to protect pedestriansand prevent jaywalking, but in the process revoking public space from them and handing it over to vehicular traffic. Despite the above concerns, what gives cause for optimism is that in the community feedback meeting on the proposed design, residents of the area, the vast majority of them non-experts in urban design principles, flatly rejected the rationale for the bridge as a starting point and requested a review of the project by the JDA.

The bridge proposal underlines just how difficult it is to reshape transportation in the city in general, even when intentions are sound ; Creating a truly transit-oriented and pedestrian friendly city may require a shift away from seeing projects as isolated interventions, and towards a broader, more participatory, and further integrated vision. Delhi, 12 April — When the car-free Sunday movement started on a small stretch of a well- frequented road in Gurgaon on 17 November , citizens and authorities regarded it as a fun urban experiment. Wonder turned to incredulity as Raahgiri remained popular.

Crowds kept turning out, on cycles, skateboards, with running shoes on, in dance gear, to paint and sing, to meet friends and discuss politics, to enjoy the outdoors and partake of a community life they realised had been completely missing—all of them, of course, leaving their cars home. When the car-free Sunday movement started on a small stretch of a well- frequented road in Gurgaon on 17 November , citizens and authorities regarded it as a fun urban experiment.

Gurgaon was just a beginning. Despite the overwhelming success of Raahgiri as an event property, one does wonder whether the movement has the potential to translate into something bigger so that our cities can aspire to become more sustainable. Taking a step back, we find that the motivations for a car free day were born out of more than just the desire to achieve pollution-free and less car dependent cities. These organisations were driven by a larger vision, one that involved healthy lifestyles, safe public spaces, an integration of nature into the city and social inclusion.

Importantly, they saw the citizen as an agent of change.